On Friday, I went to a bunch of garage sales with my girlfriend and found some clear embossing powder and a House Mouse stamp that I didn’t have.  I almost never find stamps or stamping tools, so it was a good day.  After, we went to lunch with a good friend and on our way home, found sweet corn at a roadside stand, and bought some to take home for dinner.  There’s nothing better than fresh corn from Pennsylvania.  Because we get so much rain, our corn is crisp and different from any I’ve had anywhere else in the country (and I’ve tried it as often as possible when we travel.)  It made for the perfect date night supper, and then on to movie night.  We normally rent movies, but decided to watch something on Amazon Prime or one of the other channels on HULU (I’m not even sure that’s the correct name for it)….I have to say, I rarely see a movie that’s worth watching or that’s from the last few years, unless it’s so bad you can’t sit through it, and that was the case for date night…We started to watch three different movies, and they were all so bad, we couldn’t continue, so decided to turn in early instead of wasting more time on bad movies.

Saturday started with a friend who runs a carpet cleaning business, bringing his daughter and her sister to do crafts with me while he cleaned our carpets.  I let the girls decide what they wanted to try, and they wanted to make a blanket by tying squares together.  Let’s just say it wasn’t a craft that held their attention long term, so in the end, they both had their own homemade dog toys and a pillow that they’d made when they left.  I think they had fun with me, but I can never tell, because I don’t think I’m particularly interesting to younger kids.  The girls were happy with their pillows though, and that’s all that matters to me.

Once the girls left, Rich and I went to one of our college friend’s house, where we met up with four other couples, all of who went to school with us.  It’s weird to realize over forty years has passed since we met, and it seems like we never lost touch, as we can pick up where we left off without any effort.  We got home late, and Honey was super anxious, so I went to bed and Rich stayed up to watch television, as that normally will calm her.

This morning, I finally worked on a video, and did an iris paper folding technique that one of my viewers showed me.  She sent me templates and card bases with envelopes.  I’m not sure where she got them, but will try to find that out before putting the video up.  The technique is really simple, and can be done with paper scraps and old envelopes.  I had a great time trying the technique and will definitely be doing more of it.  I’m going to do a second video, showing how to make an image without a template, since I think a lot of people will try it using dies they already have on hand…I think you need a die that is a simple outline and no paper left in the middle for this technique to work well, so I’ll look through mine to see which ones I have that will work with this.  The other thing you can do is download free printables online, and then cut the image out of the center of the front of a card base.

After I finished paper folding, I got a call from one of my college friends (the ones we met last night all played football with Rich, but graduated with me).. She invited me to have lunch and we met at the Cracker Barrel, as she lives in Pittsburgh, and was driving through the area on her way home….I love seeing her, and we meet several times a year, and I enjoy every minute I have with her.  She’s funny and interesting, and makes me remember being eighteen again..She was in my wedding, and I’m grateful that we still can make time to see each other.

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