We found out our dog sitter couldn’t stay with our dogs while we go to our nephew’s wedding in September.  We had two sets of friends offer to stay, but it’s almost a week and I wouldn’t feel right asking someone to sleep over five nights with our girls.  I had saved two names of dog sitters from the last time our dog sitter wasn’t available and called one…She’s since decided she can no longer do overnights, so that scratched her off our list, and I called a second lady, who was my last hope…I didn’t hear back from her, but hoped I would hear from her on Monday, since Sunday isn’t really a work day for most people.

Sunday, we went to the horse races in Erie and Rich took his camera and got some amazing photos.  I’m not really into the races, but I do love spending a lot of time with friends, catching up.  So it was a great afternoon and evening.  When we got home, there was a message on our machine from the potential dog sitter, and she was willing to meet with us on Monday..so far so good.

Yesterday, the dog sitter came to visit, and I knew her (not her name, so I felt foolish when I opened the door and recognized her.)  Her mom and my mom were friends, and her cousin worked with me at the bank, and I see her often with her mother at garage sales.  She’s really nice and very thorough, so we signed her up on the spot…Another wedding crisis averted.

Today was a day of drizzle.  If you have any kind of arthritis, you know what drizzle does..It’s exhausting and I slept until almost noon, got up for almost two hours, then took a two hour nap.  I could go back to bed right now and sleep all night..It’s frustrating, because I want to do things (in my head), but my body says, “How about we take a nap instead?”

I’m hoping the weather turns better tomorrow, as I have a bunch of videos I’d like to get done this week, and hope I have some ambition.  Plus I have more wedding things I need to finish.  I did make my sister’s corsage on Sunday before the races, and made a video of that.  I think it turned out nice, and took it to show to my girlfriend to get her advice, and she said she really liked it.  I made her promise she’d be brutally honest, and I’m sure if she didn’t like it, she would have told me….She also has really good taste, so I hope that means my sister will like it too…You’ll all be able to judge for yourselves before the wedding, as the video will go up in a few days…

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