Today, Rich and I went to our alma mater so I could practice interviewing with some of the accounting majors that are graduating this spring.  I love being able to help college students on their road to getting their “real job.”   Normally, the accounting students don’t miss their appointments, but today, I had two that didn’t attend.  It’s kind of frustrating, but I was young and foolish once, so know where they are coming from.  It’s too much work to prepare, and they’d rather try it on their own and hope that they can get a job without anyone’s assistance.  It’s a great thought, but not very practical.

I had a long break, so we met some college friends for lunch and discussed how aging isn’t always fun.  Since Rich is having his surgery next week, we talked a lot about that, and how another friend is having a stress test for his heart and another is struggling with serious dental issues.  It’s not easy being green, (do you remember that slogan, maybe from Sesame Street?)  Or getting older…

We got home and Rich decided he needs to make some shelving units for in our garage.  Since he painted it last week, he’s been spending more time updating it, and organizing.   We’ve lived here since 1993, and haven’t done much more than paint the garage inside, so this is a nice change.    The dogs hate the sound the drill makes and have been growling for the last hour…I’m hoping he finishes soon so they can calm down.

I’m off to the craft room to finish another Halloween project.

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