I have been working like a crazy woman, trying to get the house clean and finish videos in time for Rich to upload them before his surgery.  I feel really guilty that I’ve taken so long to get Halloween videos done, but that’s how I role.  I should hold them until next year and instead, put some other videos up.  I feel badly that Rich has more things he needs to do before his surgery.

I finished the tic tac container conversion video, as well as the embossing anti-static pouch comparison video.  I’m telling you, I’ve been working like a crazy woman in the craft room..I’ve also been busy doing laundry, washing comforters and couch and chair covers for the furniture in the living room..I want to make sure that the living room is as clean as possible, as that’s probably where Rich will be spending a lot (or most) of his time after surgery.

I left a message on facebook, asking viewers if they’d like to see the video I made of our nephew’s wedding.  I should have asked them first if they were OK with the idea, but didn’t.  So until I get permission from them to show it, I won’t be able to upload it.  Rich did a nice job of editing it and adding special effects.  I really like it and hope they’ll allow me to show it.

As for tomorrow, we’re trying to stay busy, so our going to see the new Zombieland movie and have lunch with friends.   I’m fretting so much that my adrenaline level is through the roof…I can’t seem to calm down or sleep.  So if you get an email from me around 4AM, you’ll know I’m not sleeping again….Thursday’s surgery can’t come soon enough.  I hope Rich has a low level of pain like the surgeon is predicting…That’s never happened when I’ve had surgeries (and I’ve had this specific surgery), so don’t really know what to expect for him….Crossing my fingers that it will be so much easier for him than it was for me….

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