Rich had his first follow-up appointment with his surgeon today, and everything looked great.  Rich told the surgeon about a pain he’s been having in his thigh, and the surgeon asked if he has been overdoing it….What?  Overdoing?  Not Rich……I couldn’t believe it, he answered honestly and said yes, he had been.  The surgeon told him as long as he keeps overdoing, he’s going to continue to have that kind of pain.  In response, Rich asked if he can go to the gym any time soon….I’m not sure if Rich was connecting the dots…If you overdo it, you’ll have pain….so going to the gym seems to run along the lines of overdoing it…but then again, how would I know…I only have six artificial joints to compare to his one….Men…

Instead of going to the gym, I’m hoping to get him on his computer to start editing the many videos that have been piling up over the last three weeks.  I know he won’t be uploading any until the 23rd, as we have plans with friends to have lunch the next two days, and that should be enough stress on his hip….Let’s hope he decides to rest and get back to editing…

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