Turning a Tic Tac Box into a Pill Box

I wanted to find a use for Tic Tac gum containers since I’ve been chewing a lot of their gum, and wanted to do something with the empty boxes… First step, remove the lid by using a long pointy tool (or the end of a paint brush) to lift the inside of the lid and then pull it off with your hands. Put the lid aside to insert once the box is finished.  The red container was one I painted with cheap red craft paint and let dry overnight. Then I took a napkin and removed the back of it, by putting a piece of washi tape on the back so it extends off the side of the napkin, then pull, and it should separate the layers. Use the back layer for clean up or other projects… I put a lot of Matte Collage Pauge on the container and laid the container on the napkin with the top of the container even with the top edge of the napkin. I bought Matte Collage Pauge from Hobby Lobby but couldn’t find their online link.        Here’s a link to the same product at Joanns. https://tinyurl.com/ucp8kmy I laid the napkin over the side of the container and trimmed off the excess, then did the same to the other side.  After trimming the sides, I laid the napkin to the side of the box to make sure it was well adhered and that it covered the entire side.  Trim the excess napkin that extends over the top of the container too. I added another heavy layer of Collage Pauge to the outside of the napkin and let it dry overnight. Ultimately, I put three layers of Collage Pauge on this container. I covered two more containers and one had a white napkin with flowers on it. I decided to use alcohol markers to color the flowers and used my Touch Five Markers to do this. Make sure you don’t get any Collage Pauge inside the top opening of the container or you won’t be able to close it once it’s dry..

I also showed you how to trim a napkin that has a pattern stamped into it. If there is a waffly look to the edges of your napkin, trim it off with a guillotine paper trimmer or cut it off with scissors. I wanted to add a little embellishment to the tops of the containers, so took some beige ribbon and colored it with alcohol markers and permanent ink pads then let it dry. I hot glued it to the top edge of the containers. I thought that made them look a little bit more finished. After the glue is cool, reattach the lid you removed earlier.

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