I feel terrible that I’ve been so lax with keeping up with my blog.  Rich’s 59th birthday was the 11th and he wanted me to bake him a ham, so I did….Now we’ll be eating ham for weeks, haha….

My girlfriend and I have been working on making gnomes like other crafters, but wanted to see if we could figure out a way to make small ones for on Christmas trees…It seems like an easy idea, but so far, we’ve only made one, because you need a couple of socks and they have to be small enough (like baby size) to work.  Toddler size socks are way too big…and of course, that’s the size we bought, as we thought surely they would work…I didn’t record our session, as I wanted to perfect the ornament before uploading a video.

Today, Rich and I went to lunch with friends and then to Jumanji.  I saw the first version, and this uses the same characters, but when they start to play the game, the people are no longer the characters they were in the first movie, and that’s when I got confused.  A little later in the movie, they saw water that looked like it glowed, and after touching the water and then each other, they switched characters.  I’m telling you, I spent the whole movie wondering who each character was.   I’m sure most people wouldn’t have had an issue, but I was half asleep too, and that didn’t help.  I put myself on a burst of prednisone a couple of days ago, and I have trouble sleeping when taking it, so don’t sleep at night, but am tired during the day….It’s still worth it, because I finally get some energy back and am ready to do more, even being a little tired.  But once the movie theater lights go off, so does my resolve to stay awake….

We’re off to date night…every Friday night, we have take out from a different restaurant and then watch movies with the dogs.  We all love it, and since our “theater” is in the basement, all we have to say to the dogs is “date night” and they come running…ready to jump up on the couch between us and sleep until the popcorn is popped, then suddenly everyone is wide awake and ready for a kernel or two.

I promise I’ll get Rich to upload  a video this weekend, and hope it’s a good one.

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