My obsession with the diamond painting continues.  I spent so much time on it yesterday, that I almost neglected the things I truly needed to finish.  I wanted to make Rich individual thank you cards for all of the people who were there for us during his surgery. He’s already sent out two, and I needed another nine.  Since three were going to his friends from college, I didn’t want them to all be the same, so have been trying to make them all look different…In the end, I had to settle for four being similar, only with different colored backgrounds.

I finished the snowman diamond painting to give to my girlfriend for Christmas and I hope she likes it.  I did a video about the basics of diamond painting and will include this project in that video…Here’s the finished project.

I think it would have turned out better if I had managed to maintain straight lines, and had to add glitter to ensure that you couldn’t see between some of the rows.  I found that I struggle with keeping things in a straight line…bummer.

I finished making fast and easy Christmas postcards and made a video showing how I did them.  I like the vintage look of them and hope the recipients enjoy them too.  The things I like about sending postcards is you only have to write a little bit and it’s much cheaper to mail them…And, at this time of year when we think more about where our money goes, this allows you to let people know you are thinking of them without spending a lot of money to do so.

I missed several birthdays in the last month, and feel terrible about it.  Especially when so many people are kind to me, and remember mine, I should be better about getting cards sent on time.  So before I allow myself to go back to diamond painting, I want to make three more birthday cards.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I try to make cards to match the person I’m sending them to, and that really adds to the inspiration time I commit to a card.  OK, it’s more like I can’t decide what to do so I don’t accomplish as much as I’d like…and my craft room looks like a cyclone hit it, so that’s another issue to consider…Darn it..

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