Simple Dollar Tree Hand Soap Turtleneck Sweater Party Favor or Stocking Stuffer

I wanted to make an easy gift for a dinner I was going to, and decided to use what I had on hand….I made a turtleneck sweater for a Bath & Body Works pump hand soap link:… and put it inside a Dollar Tree women’s red fuzzy sock. I couldn’t find the red fuzzy socks on their website, but our Dollar Tree still had some in stock this week. You’ll put the hand soap inside the sock and pull it so the soap is at the bottom of the sock, with the heel of the sock to the back of the bottle. I then took the top of the sock and folded it inside the top until the top of the sock was below the pump of the bottle. I tied a clear white ribbon around the neck of the bottle, and added a snowflake ornament from the Dollar Tree to the front with hot glue. The snowflakes come in a pack of (I think) eight and I couldn’t find them on their website either, but did they were still in my store last week…I removed the clear plastic tie that was on the snowflake, as I didn’t need that to attach it to anything, but you could avoid the hot glue if you used the clear plastic string to drape it around the neck of the bottle…

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