I started the day yesterday, by getting my annual mammogram.  I know we all dread getting them done, but also realize how necessary they are….Then today I got a call from the hospital that they didn’t get a good enough image, so I have to go back tomorrow to have it done again…It’s not bad enough to have to do it once, but a second time in less than a week isn’t something I’m thrilled to do.  I hope I get it done and everything is fine.  Crossing my fingers that it is.  I’ll keep you in the loop…

I spent last night working on a card using vellum and a large Stampendous peony stamp.  I colored the back of the vellum with alcohol markers, and then didn’t like the effect, so used hand sanitizer and a rag to wipe some of it off.  I have to say, I like the end result a lot better since removing some of the ink.  I’m not sure why alcohol ink reacts like it does on vellum, but it doesn’t seem to blend as much as layer on it.  The layering makes it so that the ink becomes streaky and blotchy, so I had to do something to save the card..otherwise, it was going in the trash.  I think I’ll add a frame to the card front and a sentiment and call it a day.  I wish the results were more impressive, but sadly, not so much…That might change when I put more effort into the card.  Sometimes you can turn something that’s iffy into a masterpiece (or at least something that’s not bad), but don’t hold your breath that it’s going to happen with this card.

I got an email from a company that sells diamond paintings, wanting to send me some of theirs.  I chose five projects, and made sure to choose a variety…..I’m doing a notebook front, a luggage tag, a passport cover and two diamond paintings.  I figured a lot of people don’t want to try (or see) more diamond paintings, but if they know that you can do more than wall art with this craft, people might be more inclined to give it a try.  I can’t tell you how relaxing I have found this to be.  The other people I’ve spoken with about diamond paintings say the same thing…They really feel stress-free when doing this.  I can’t say I feel like this about any other craft I’ve done.  I’d like to get more people interested in the art form, and maybe if they are putting “diamonds” on a notebook, they might consider giving it a try.  The people I know that do the wall art, once finished, they are either giving them as gifts, or rolling them back up and putting them back in the boxes they came in, and are putting them in a closet, which is a real shame.  But honestly, if you don’t have anywhere to hang them, or don’t like the idea of hanging them in your home, what else can you do with them?  That’s why I’m trying non-wall art projects….I figure it might help people who are on the fence with deciding to try a smaller project…one that has a useful purpose.  That’s just my two cents on it.  I think it would be an amazing stress reliever for people that need to reduce their stress..

Today, Rich and I and another couple went to see “Bad Boys For Life” with Will Smith.  If you like the old Bad Boys movies, you’ll like this.  It’s full of action and comedy, and is one of those movies where you don’t do any thinking….it’s pure entertainment.  Our girlfriend said she thought it would never end, but I didn’t feel that way at all.  She’s not a big action movie fan, though, so that could have been the issue.  Rich and I go to movies to be entertained, not to figure out a really deep plot, so if you think you’ll find us watching foreign films or intellectual films, you won’t…


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