Rich is watching the Super Bowl and since we’re in St Maarten, and I haven’t written in a few days, I thought I’d give you an update.

Our flight out of Pittsburgh was 7AM yesterday morning…that meant we had to be at the airport at 5AM….Our hotel wanted us to meet the van there at 4:30, so we got up around 3:45…why did we even attempt to sleep?  Of course we didn’t….we were too worried about not hearing the alarm, or the electricity going out (like it did on a previous trip when we had to get dressed and packed in complete darkness in a hotel room we’d only stayed in the previous night, and didn’t really know where things were..)

We flew Spirit Airlines and it’s a no frills airline, but one thing they do that I really like, is they charge you more to put luggage overhead than if you put it under the plane.  I hate it when someone gets on hauling three pieces of luggage and stuff it everywhere but under their own feet….Makes me crazy….and then when you have a tight connection, those people take forever to gather all of their luggage and get off, while you’re trying to get off with your single bag.  I do have to say, there still were a lot of people with a lot of carry on…and I’m not sure why you’d pay to do that, but they must have.

We got in early and got our car and made it to our  hotel in record time.  It was one of the best on-time trips we’ve ever taken…But then again, if you know us, we are cursed travellers, something always goes wrong…so we’ll just wait for the other shoe to fall…

We fell asleep early last night and didn’t wake up until almost noon…so we got a late start and went to the pool and spent the afternoon reading…best day in the sun….

I don’t plan on spending a lot of time blogging on vacation, but I did want readers to know we’d made it here and are having a great time.  And Rich is enjoying his Blink security cameras, as they send him 5 second videos of the dogs going outside to go to the restroom….he loves watching them run around in the snow…I just look at the snow, and am happy I’m not experiencing it right now…YAY!!

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