DIY Permanent Replacement Cutting Plate for your Die Cutting Machine .

I bought a self healing cutting mat from Hobby Lobby from Sew-ology Quilting, that was 6 x 8″ and sells for $4.99 full price. Here’s the link to it.

Rich used my existing cutting plate and laid the new cutting mat under it and used his pocket knife to cut against the side of the existing plate until he had it well scored, then flipped it over and did the same thing with the opposite side, until it was cut deep enough to basically crack on the line. I would recommend you using a craft knife. The cutting mat wasn’t thick enough to cut well, so I took a Dollar Tree cutting mat that you get in a two pack. Here’s the link to them.

I laid my old cutting plate on top of the cutting mat from the Dollar Tree, and using a pencil, drew a line along the edges of the cutting plate, and using my Tim Holtz scissors, here’s the link to them. I used tear tape to adhere this mat to the underneath of the Hobby Lobby cutting mat, and found the tear tape made the cutting mat thick enough that I didn’t need to add another piece of the Dollar Tree cutting mat, but it might not be the same for your cutting machine, and you might need a second cutting mat added from the Dollar Tree to make your plate thick enough to cut properly.

The dies I used were from Aliexpress and here’s a link to them. In an upcoming video, I’ll be using the dies to create earrings, and I hope you’ll check them out.

The cardstock I cut with is from HSN.COM and is made by Crafter’s Companion and is called Luxury Cardstock..Here’s a link to it in silver and gold, and it comes in other colors.

To cut so you don’t ruin your top plastic cutting plate, from the bottom to the top, here’s the order your sandwich should be made in: (A sandwich is what crafters call the plates, cardstock and dies that go through your cutting machine.)

My machine is a Tim Holtz Vagabond II and I recommend it highly…Link:

Start with your thick plastic piece, mine is called a magnetic platform..

Next is the cutting mat you just created using the Hobby Lobby Sew-ology self healing cutting mat and one of the Dollar Tree cutting mats, adhered together with tear tape. If this doesn’t cut well enough, you should add a second Dollar Tree cutting mat layer…The Dollar Tree mats should be facing the magnetic platform, as they are not to be cut on as they aren’t as durable as the Sew-Ology mats.

Next, is your cardstock, or designer paper

Next is your die facing with the cutting surface pointed at the cardstock or designer paper.

Last is your plastic cutting plate that came with your machine. You should flip this over every other time you use it, so it doesn’t warp, but always keep your sandwich in the same order as I’ve explained above.

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