I finished the earrings I’ve been working on for the last couple of days.  I realized when I used better tools, I could manage the wires a lot more easily than when I used tools that weren’t as sturdy…live and learn, I guess.

I also made a haul video, as several diamond paintings (that aren’t paintings)  I ordered from Ebay, came in the mail today.  I ordered several diamond painting journals, a purse and a coin purse, as well as one real diamond painting.  I decided I might need something to keep me occupied during the time we might be quarantined for the Coronavirus.  I had ordered the diamond painting materials on February 25th and February 27th and think they came really quickly, considering I don’t think any of them came from inside the USA.  I choose the journals because they make great gifts and they are quick to complete.  I wanted to make sure I have plenty of things to keep me busy if I’m not leaving the house, and diamond painting really relaxes me, and I think that will be a great help if we are house bound as well.

We don’t have any cases of Coronavirus in our county or the counties that surround us, but believe it is just a matter of time until we do.  Since they closed the schools and colleges for the next few weeks, I think our governor thinks he can stop people from getting sick, but I’m wondering if he closed them too early, as we don’t have any cases, but I don’t really understand how this virus works, or how closing everything before anyone is infected will slow the virus, so we’ll wait and see.  I did go to the Dollar Tree because I’ve been obsessed with making a project with carrots I’d seen in their store and on their website.  We went to both stores we’d be able to find them in, and they were sold out, as are the ones online…so I guess I’ll have to reconsider making this project next year, darn it….  I did get a chance to ask one of the employees about hand sanitizer and how quickly it was selling out.  She said they got nineteen cases of it this morning and it was completely sold out in an hour.  I asked if they had limited anyone to the number of bottles customers can buy, and she said that they hadn’t, but that morning had taught them that they couldn’t continue to allow a few people to buy their entire supply.  From now on, they are limiting the quantities that people can purchase at once…I’m glad they’ve finally come to their senses, and wish they’d done it last week so all stores wouldn’t be sold out now.

If people know they are limited to the amount of bottled water, toilet paper and hand sanitizer they can buy, I think they will approach this with a little more common sense…at least I hope they do.  As for me, I haven’t really stocked up on things, but have made sure I have enough crafty ideas to make several videos to keep people entertained (a little) while they are being quarantined.

I hope we all get through this safely, and that we all take a deep breath and approach this with our own health and that of others as our primary concern.  If we all do that, we’ll get through this virus in the best possible light, and as few deaths as is humanly possible.

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