Sorry it’s taken me so long to write here, but time just seems to pass now that we’re quarantined.  It seemed like I just wrote here a couple of days ago, and then when I looked at how long it had been, it’s a week since I actually wrote something…geez….

On Saturday, my two closest college friends and I had a video chat through zoom.com.  It was so much fun that we decided to do it again the coming Saturday, so it gives me something to look forward to..  I’ve never really been fond of video chatting, but since we aren’t able to see anyone in person, it’s the next best thing, and I miss seeing my friends.

On Easter, I made a ham for Rich and I, and really don’t know what I was thinking.  It was maybe 6-7 pounds (the smallest one Rich could find) and we’ll have ham for months.  I called two friends and we dropped off ham to them….I was happy to share..One of the ladies I shared with was my mother’s best friend.  I had to drop off the cardinal cards I’d showed in the video where I made a ton of cards with the images I’d colored, and I made her a diamond project that was a cardinal bookmark (and showed it in the last unboxing/haul video I uploaded.)   I knew she’d be happy with the cards, as she used to have lunch with her high school friends from April through October, but with quarantining, she won’t be seeing them any time soon.  She called me within ten minutes of Rich hanging everything on her doorknob, as she was thrilled with the cards and her bookmark.  She said she’s been missing her friends and this will give her the opportunity to catch up with them (they’re all letter writers.)  She lives alone and said that (I didn’t know this about her) she mainly watches sports on television, so doesn’t have much to entertain herself with.  She likes to go to garage sales too, and that’s another hobby that’s out for now.  I really feel badly for people who live alone, as this has got to be a very lonely time for them.

I’ve been mainly reading and doing diamond painting since Easter, as my anxiety has been higher and I want to stay as calm as possible.  We had visitors the last few nights….and they aren’t really good at social distancing.  We had a small mother black bear and her two cubs come and destroy my bird feeders and we were lucky enough to catch them on film.  I’ll try to insert the video here.  The first was caught on our Blink camera.  I guess you’ll need to copy the link to see it.  https://www.facebook.com/raparker1/videos/10215134111817728/?t=0

The second video is the cub on a second night.  We used a spotlight and couldn’t get all of the bear on video together.  https://www.facebook.com/raparker1/videos/10215134479426918/?t=0

They are so lazy..the mother just laid on our patio eating all of the sunflower seeds that she could get out of the bird feeder, and her babies had a feeder between them on the ground and they laid on either side of it, eating.  Such beautiful animals, but I am so glad that the window was between us.  Now that all of the bird food is gone, I’m not replenishing the feeders.  It happens every year…we should take our bird feeders down before the bear come out of hibernation, but we never seem to time it properly, and the bears ruin several feeders annually.  Luckily, you can find bird feeders at garage sales, so I have a lot of back ups….At least I plan ahead in some aspects of wildlife here.

The only other thing that has been keeping us busy is planting our garden.  We’ve started a lot of seeds and will replant them outside once the weather is warmer.  I have to say, we aren’t big vegetable eaters, but the dogs really like fall squash, watermelon and especially tomatoes, so we plant it so they’re amused….we added kale, lettuce, broccoli and snap peas for us….we’ll have to wait to see how our garden grows….right now, things are sprouting up like crazy, but sometimes that doesn’t translate into produce, as we aren’t that great at watering our garden once it’s in the ground…It might be different this year if we’re still not allowed to do much once the weather gets nice….we might be spending our time gardening….


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