I’ve been working on Mother’s Day video ideas and I know I’m late, what’s new there.  I don’t have anyone to give a Mother’s Day gift to, but wanted to be sure to put up videos related to Mother’s Day.

I’m not sure if I talked about the small coin purse I wanted to decorate with leftover diamonds from diamond paintings, but made a video showing that process.  It’s definitely not my best work, but what can you do when your glue is so smelly, you think you’re getting brain damage from it?  OK, that’s just an excuse.  It wasn’t as easy to do as I thought it would be, and I think the end product reflects that…but maybe this was a project for more nimble fingers.  I hate admitting that, but I think you’ll figure it out for yourself when you see me try it.

As for the Mother’s Day card, I think I hit this one out of the park.  I wanted to use aluminum foil attached to cardboard, run through an embossing folder, and painting it with alcohol inks.  I love the end result, and think you will too..

And of course, I had to come up with an inexpensive gift kids could give their mothers, and found a small set of bath products at the Dollar Tree and made a gift box for it….Three new videos, and hopefully all will still be helpful this close to Mother’s Day…Now all I have to do is get my editor to put the videos online…Yes, I know it’s the Friday before Mother’s Day and none of these videos are live yet.  I’d like to say I’m working on my time management skills, but the truth is, I’m still obsessed with diamond paintings, and I had one I’ve been working on this week that’s about 70% one color, off-white, and is a Christmas themed art piece….yet I still can’t stop myself from prioritizing that over what I should have been doing,  my Mother’s Day videos…

All in all, if you watch the Mother’s Day card video, painting with alcohol inks, you’ll realize it’s a card for all seasons, and maybe you’ll be obsessed with the idea like I am..

I’ve never been good with alcohol inks because I’ve always seen them as only usable for abstract art, until now.  I had such a great time playing with them, that I couldn’t stop with one card, and ending up making three.  If you own alcohol inks and aren’t running out to buy the paint brushes, Ranger’s selling for them after seeing the video, I don’t know what will influence you do to so…they’re so much fun, and opened a whole new world (for me) using alcohol inks.

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