I was a crazy crafter yesterday and didn’t finish the card I was working on until 1AM.  I wanted to incorporate a headband/necklace into the card, and threading the necklace/headband into the card was a little bit tricky.  In the end, the card looks amazing, and I’m so excited that I gave this idea a try.

I also received another box of goodies from Fansells.com, and can’t wait to show you everything in an unboxing video.  I just finished the last Fansells project they sent me in the first shipment, so I showed all of the diamond art in their completed form in a video I made today.  I think it’s great when people show unboxing videos, but I’d like to know what the finished piece looks like, so that’s why I make follow-up videos showing the end results.

And my last project is still in it’s infancy.  I wanted to use scrap paper, and made a bunch of backgrounds…I stamped a bunch of images that I’m going to color to add to those backgrounds to create completed cards.  Some of them I’m going to make a heat embossed sentiment so I don’t have to do a lot of extra work to complete them (with no extra image attached), as there are SO many.  I thought I’d made big headway with my scraps, until the scrap box was empty, and I opened my cardstock drawer and found a hanging folder entitled “scraps” that I’d completely forgotten about…Drat….I used some of them for the cards I am in the process of making, and the rest I put back in my scrap box, that is now almost full again.  I can’t tell you how disheartening that was…

I decided the video I’ll make for this scrap card project will be a Christmas card during Corona card or cards, as I separated my Christmas scraps to be able to make cards with those as well.  I may never finish this project, as the longer I work on it, the more card bases I have and still no completed cards.  If you saw the pile, you’d shake your head and wonder why I do this to myself….Yesterday, I decided to emboss a lot of the backgrounds, and that wasn’t good enough, so added ink or metallic rub-ons to show off the embossed  (raised) images.  That took almost an entire afternoon…

I think I’ll use premade card bases to save time (and get rid of a lot of the ones I’ve had for a very long time with no plans to use them.)  I’m hoping I can get serious about finishing some of these cards as soon as possible, as there’s no room left in my work area, with unfinished card bases everywhere…That’s my plan for today…Finish as many of these cards as possible…wish me luck…


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