I’ve received a bunch of new diamond products from Fansells, and decided to do an unboxing, but also to show several of the products completed.  So I’ve been working like a rabbit, trying to finish as many as possible.  In the end, I think I probably could have finished at least one more, but did show five finished, and am pretty thrilled to have done so.  I also made a video to show the storage system I have for the crystal diamonds, as I use those in a lot of my cards, and wanted to have an easy system.  My friend, Sherri, showed me hers, she uses baseball card plastic sheets that go into a three-ring notebook.  I found inexpensive plastic sheets at Amazon, and got (I think) thirty, for a little over $4.  I already had the notebook, so decided to decorate the front cover with one of the Fansell’s finished projects, and it’s really cute.  I got an ostrich that’s supposed to be used for beside a light switch, as it comes with two luminous stickers to make it glow in the dark.  I didn’t use those on this project, but did use the huge Glue Dots that came with it, to attach it to the front of the notebook.  I think it turned out really frisky, and am glad I used the ostrich to decorate my notebook.

Today, Rich is uploading some of my videos, so I’ll finally get something new online.  I’m going to work on the scrap cards that I’ve been making for a couple of weeks.  I know I’ve talked about them several times, but I haven’t been able to complete them, as there are a lot of them, and so far, I think I’ve got twelve done, and have a big pile left to finish.  It’s frustrating when I can’t seem to get the sentiments I think I want to use, as I don’t have a great storage system for my sentiment stamps, and so spend a lot of time looking through cd cases, trying to find the sentiments I’d like to use.  The last time I made a huge bunch of cards, I used rub-ons for my sentiments, and I have to say, that made the whole process so much easier (and a lot faster.)  Unfortunately, I didn’t store the rub-ons well, so some of them stuck together, thus ruining a lot of the sentiments….darn it…I hate it when I do things like that.

I really need to de-clutter the craft room, as I’ve pulled out a lot of different embellishments for these cards, and don’t put them where I got them from, instead, keep thinking I’ll use them on another card…and then I don’t.  I also have a bunch of scraps laying around…I thought I’d make a card with a bunch of punched out flowers, but have lost my enthusiasm for the idea, as they don’t look as good as I thought they would..so, onto plan B—throw them out, as I can’t see using them in the future either.  And one thing I’ve learned with crafting..If I don’t love it now, I won’t love it in the future.  I know a lot of people don’t throw out any scraps, or punched papers.  I don’t keep small scraps, as I’m pretty sure I’ll never find a use for them, unless it’s white or cream cardstock, and I do keep smaller scraps of them to use for sentiments…and I do find that I reach for them often.  I’m pretty sure I’d never say to myself, “I wonder if I have a bunch of scraps of punched flowers on patterned paper.”  And that’s the reason I’ll be throwing them into the trash.

One of the reasons I don’t like these punched flower scraps, is that I keep seeing them in videos, because I’ve left them near my recording area, and they get caught on whatever project I’m working on, and end up moving into the videos.  Every video I’ve noticed them in, I’m not impressed with them, so I know if I put them on a card, I wouldn’t like them there either.  So trashing them is the only answer for me.  I know I’ll feel a great sense of relief when they are in the trash..as I’ll never have to think of them again, when currently, every time I see them, I fret about what to do with them..The garage can is the only answer, as my anxiety will be greatly diminished. YAY!!




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