I can’t believe it…I’ve finally finished the scrap Christmas cards and the video…In the end, I think I have almost forty all-occasion cards and 35 Christmas cards done.  It took me a month of working on them off and on, and believe me, I don’t think I’ll be trying that again any time soon.

I also made a quick video of a decorated box I made for a Dollar Tree men’s cologne gift for Father’s Day.  I know a lot of people buy small gifts for their kids to give to their fathers, and the mother/aunt/friend could make the little box I show and then the child could decorate it with the cologne inside.  I’m giving mine to the postman, to give him a small thank you for all he’s done for us during Corona….

Rich and I went out to dinner (first time since Corona) with close friends.  We went to Red Lobster and they are really taking the virus seriously.  They removed several tables so people can’t get close to each other and have signs on every other booth, saying they are unavailable due to social distancing.  If you stand up to walk anywhere, they require you to wear a mask, and unlike stores that don’t enforce it, they are serious about making people wear masks.  They don’t have salt and pepper shakers on the table, and their menus are photocopies that they can easily destroy after one use.  I still brought my hand sanitizer in and used it several times during the course of dinner (every time something new was introduced to the table,) and was glad we were able to see our friends in a safe atmosphere.

Tomorrow I have two doctor’s appointments…One with my dermatologist for a couple of spots on my face he might need to remove,  and a phone visit with my rheumatologist.  I can’t imagine we’ll be on the phone for very long, but I have to have a visit every three months in order for her to prescribe my medicines.  Of the two appointments, I’m more concerned with the dermatologist, as my mother had melanoma, and it’s hereditary, so I try to be super cautious of my skin, and I have a very fair complexion with lots of spots.  The spots on my face have been worrying me since the middle of the Corona quarantine, and I’m glad I’ll finally get them checked.

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