I’ve been making videos non-stop for the last couple of days.  I made a paper bag clutch that I saw on Scrapbooking with Me…It was fairly simple, and lots of fun.  I love making things with paper bags…

I took one of the Fansells diamond art passport covers that I had finished, and by request, turned it into a credit card wallet.  I’ve had to revamp it at least six times, but tonight I finally finished it and am really pleased with the results.  Here’s what the outside of the passport cover looked like.

I finished the trivets that I layered with a cotton material for a friend, and will be finishing that video tomorrow.  And lastly, I’m working on a scrapbook for our great niece, who just finished her freshmen year of college and joined a sorority.  I’m so excited for her and she loves her school and sorority..She and I are the only Parkers to belong to a sorority and it’s fun to talk to her about it.  Things have changed so much since I was in college.  Now, you choose the sorority you want to join within the first month of being in school.  I can’t imagine making a choice like that after only knowing the girls for less than a month…Of course, I didn’t join a sorority until I was a sophomore, as I really didn’t think Greek life was for me.  I didn’t search out the experience, they came to me with a bid to join them, and I was truly honored, as I thought these women were smart, beautiful and classy..  I didn’t know what they saw in me.  I loved them and the entire experience, and my senior year, I was voted president…something I never thought was in my cards….and then I married the captain of the football team…Sounds like a Hallmark movie, huh?  I can only hope that our great niece has the experience in college that Rich and I had, and that she continues to love it like we love our alma mater.


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