I hate it when I forget to write in the blog…Geez…Sorry about that.  Let’s start by talking about the evening of the 4th of July.  There’s a church about 1/2 mile from us that had fireworks, and it sounded like they were in our backyard, they were SO loud.  Honey lost her mind, so we spent the evening in the basement with the door shut, and we don’t have windows in the “man room” part of our basement, so she doesn’t see the flashes of light (that also upset her.)  If you’ve never seen our basement video, here’s the link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS_8caKQOqU  I tell some funny stories about how some of the basement components came to be, including one involving sugar packets and our contractor..Let’s just say, that poor guy put up with a lot from me.

We went to bed around midnight, and then our neighbors decided that was the perfect time to start setting off fireworks, so Rich and Honey headed back to the basement..It was a tough night.

On the 5th, we spent the day with our close friends at their house.  We’d intended to spend he 4th with them, but I’ve been having an issue with nerves in my elbow, shooting what feels like electric shock to my hands, and the night before the 4th, I couldn’t sleep, as every time I moved, my arm would send a shock to my hand, and I’d wake.  It wasn’t the greatest, but when you have RA, these things happen.

It was a nice relaxing day, and it’s always nice to spend time with good friends…We got home around 7PM and the dogs were ecstatic to see us, as they don’t normally spend very much time alone, and this was a long day without us.

I spent the 6th mostly reading.  I’m enjoying a series of books by Nick Petrie, featuring Peter Ash.  If you’ve ever read the Jack Reacher series, these books have a similar feel to them.  I really enjoy them, and can spend a lot of time reading, and during the quarantine, read a lot.  I haven’t been reading as much this summer, but when I can, I can get lost in books.

I had an appointment with an oral surgeon yesterday.  I have a hole in the side of my tongue from two things.  First, there was a tooth that rubbed my tongue, and second, I have a dry mouth from arthritis.  The dry mouth made it so every time my tooth rubbed the tongue, there was nothing wet to help, so the hole was created.  I went to the oral surgeon right before quarantine, and he ground the tooth so it no longer would rub as much.  It felt a lot better, but he warned that tongues are really hard to heal.  So here we are, four months later, and it doesn’t look much better.  He said he could take a biopsy to make sure there’s nothing wrong, but he’s had tongue biopsy’s take years to heal.  No thanks.  This hole is bad enough.  He also said that sometimes hole from the biopsy rips open..Yikes…..He said it didn’t look cancerous, just worried that it hasn’t healed.  He knows I take prednisone, which is tough on healing, and gave me a prescription for a medicine that I swish around that aids in healing.  I’m really hoping that helps, as I’m not up for the whole biopsy route.

I played in my craft room, which is threatening to get me on the show “Hoarders.”  It’s SO bad right now, and I just don’t have it in me to figure out how to beat it into submission.  I can’t describe how terrible it is, I just let it get out of control.  I have been wanting to finish the art journal I made from a children’s book, and so I did a two page spread in that, and then decided I’d do the back page with my gelli plate.  But when I pulled the gelli plate out of its packaging, it appeared to have tiny hairs on it.  It didn’t have them on it when I actually removed it from the packaging, I just thought it did.  It acquired those hairs from the overhead fan and the big dog I had laying behind me.  Her tiny hairs swirl invisibly around me, and landed on the gelli plate and stuck there.  I had to spend the rest of the evening cleaning, re-cleaning, then watching YouTube videos on how to clean it.  The answer (I haven’t tried it yet,) is packing tape.  You cover the gelli plate with packing tape, really rub it onto the plate, and then tear it off, and it’s supposed to take everything that’s on the plate, with it.  I really hope this works, as regular washing didn’t take them off.  I believe this issue is that these hairs are really fine and hard to see until you look closely at the plate.  Then you can’t tell if they are on the side of the plate facing you, or on the other side.  It’s so frustrating, and I really hope the tape works, because I’m out of ideas if it doesn’t.

I gave Rich two memory cards and at least five or six videos to upload.  I apologize for the gap between videos, and hope he’ll be posting a bunch of them soon.  I have some fun ideas and hope you enjoy them.





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