I have had a great few days of craftiness.  I went to a garage sale on Friday, where they were selling a matted frame from IKEA for $2.  I had finished a diamond painting for our great niece of a bulldog…It happens to be her university’s mascot, and I’ve been wanting to frame it to send it on its way.  It looks like this before it’s framed (OK, and a lot more 5D Diamond Painting Kit- English Bulldog – Diamond Art Painter

like a diamond painting.)  I thought the frame would fit two owls leaning into each other, but when I looked through my finished diamond paintings, saw the bulldog and thought, this is it!  I couldn’t believe that it fit perfectly into the mat, and I mean perfectly…That never happens to me, so I was thrilled.  Finding frames for diamond paintings has turned out to be the toughest part of making them.  I’ve bought a lot of frames, but I think most of the ones I’ve bought are too big…darn it.  I need to check the size on this one and buy more like it (size wise.)

I’ve been wanting to finish the art journal I’ve been working on (forever, it seems,) and I had done one page that I absolutely HATE.  It’s the hot mess below.

It was one of the first videos I did, and I am now on the last page, but couldn’t finish the journal without re-doing this page.  And wait until you see how it looks now.  I’m no longer embarrassed about it, and am actually pretty proud of it.  Now all I have to do is the back cover, and my work here is done.  I promised a friend that I would send it to her (she wanted to buy it, but I’ve never considered the things I’ve made worth buying, so promised it was hers.)  I was tickled that she wanted to buy it…but seriously, with that hot mess in there, it was definitely a freebie…..and I know the technique I replaced the hot mess was one she really liked, so I hope I get it to her before the video of the replacement goes live…It’s going to be a sweet surprise for her.

I also started working on the album I’m making our great niece.  I wanted to make it for her for her freshman year, but missed that boat, so hoping to get it to her before her sophomore year begins.  I can’t imagine how hard it must be for the kids in college today, not knowing what’s happening with classes, and not seeing their friends.  I loved my college experience.  It was the best four years of my life, and I feel so sad that kids are missing it…even the half semester they’ve already missed…it’s just such a shame.

I’m trying to make sure there are lots of spots for photos, and different pages for holidays etc.  It will be fun trying to find all of the things I want to include in her album.  I’ve already worked on little bits and pieces of it, and now it’s time to really get serious about it.  The album is constructed, now all it will take is the decorating, and if you’ve ever made an album, you know decorating is the hardest part..

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