The impossible has happened…..I finished making our great niece’s college album!  I know, it’s shocking!   It was truly a labor of love, and it is huge!!  I can’t believe how much it grew in the time it took me to make it.  It just kept getting bigger and bigger..I can’t wait for you to see the video.  I decided to only put bits and pieces of the making of the album into the video, otherwise, you’d be watching a video that would literally be hours long, and let’s face it, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend that amount of time watching a video.

In the last couple of days, I made some fine tip applicator decorated pins.  I always lose the pin that you jam into the top of fine tip applicator bottles, and that makes me crazy.  I’ve seen people selling them for (more than they should cost,) so I decided to make my own.  It was so simple, and I made a video walking you through the process.  I didn’t make a huge dangle (as a lot of people do), as I just wanted to be able to find the pin.  Mine are like a large dangle earring, simple, but easy to find.  I made one for my friend Rebecca from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, as she said she loses her pins but doesn’t like the idea of a big beaded dangle….So I used sea inspired pieces, and hung a sand dollar, a sea shell and a piece of sea glass to hang from that pin.  I hope she likes it. (At least she won’t be losing her pin now.)

Since I was playing in my jewelry making supplies, I decided I should organize them, and boy did they need organizing.  It took me several hours, but I also got sidetracked and made a bracelet and some earrings while I was organizing.  I can’t just do one thing, because it’s more fun to do a few things at once.  Either that, or I’ve got ADD, and I think it’s more that I like multi-tasking.

Did I tell you about the hole in the side of my tongue?  I had a tooth that rubbed a pretty significant hole in the side of my tongue, that just didn’t want to heal.  When I went to the dentist, six months ago, he noticed it, and wanted me to see an oral surgeon about it.  I made the appointment to have the tooth ground down so it wouldn’t rub my tongue. It just so happened the appointment was two days before everything shut down for Covid.  I didn’t get another appointment with them to follow up, until July…and things hadn’t really healed, even though my tooth was no longer an issue.  The oral surgeon was concerned it might be cancerous, but knew I was on steroids for my arthritis, and that causes slow healing.  He was considering doing a biopsy, but said biopsies often don’t heal for up to two years….TWO years?  Oh, and he said sometimes the stitches rip open and you have a big gaping hole in the side of your tongue.  No thanks….So I asked if there was any kind of medication I could take and he suggested a mouth rinse.  I don’t know what was in that rinse, I’m assuming fairy dust, because I started using it less than a month ago, and already my tongue looks a million times better.  So much time has passed, that my next six month dentist appointment was earlier this week, and my dentist was really happy with the way it looked.  I went for a follow-up with the oral surgeon this morning, and he looked relieved…but doesn’t think the rinse caused it to heal, he just thought it was from not taking as many steroids.  I guess I can understand why he’s thinking that, but it’s pretty coincidental that my tongue only started healing once I used the rinse… I’m no doctor, but it seems fairly likely that the rinse had something to do with it.    Just my two cents on it.

And best of all, the oral surgeon says I don’t need to see him again unless it stops healing.  He still thinks it will take up to another six months for it to completely heal, as tongues are notorious for healing slowly.  I’m just relieved it’s on the road to recovery.

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