Fine Tip Glue Applicator Decorated Pin..Never Lose Your Pin Again!

To make a fine tip glue applicator pin attachment (so you don’t lose your pin)…

You’ll need a 30mm  .7mm 21gauge 304 Surgical Stainless Steel (silver color) Eyepin Eye Pin link: Ebay:

You’ll also need a 2″ long flat silver head pin (Link: Ebay:

Pliers and round nose pliers and wire snip.

Ebay 4 in 1 tool. Link:   (Cheaper than Walmart version.)

or a three piece tool kit on Ebay, link:

or a kit like the one I bought at Michaels, link:

Beads..I recommend you going to your local craft store and find some smaller beads as well as one larger bead to make one pin….or look through your old earrings to find dangle earrings that you no longer wear, or one that you lost the match to..

4mm silver jump rings Ebay link:  You won’t need these if you don’t want to add additional dangle, as you’ll be creating one loop with the head pin.

Start by taking your 2″ long head pin and adding your beads to it, then about 1/8″ from the last bead take your plier and make a bend in the pin, then turn the wire in the opposite direction and use the round nose plier to create a loop and snip off the excess wire. I like my decorated pin to dangle, so I add two jump rings. To do this, simply using your pliers bend one side of the opening away from the other…Don’t spring the opening, just bend it away from the other side as I show in the video. Then close the opening once it’s been woven through the loop you created. Do the same to the second jump ring, but don’t close this one until you’ve also added the surgical steel head pin to it as well. Then close the jump ring and your pin is ready to go into your glue bottle.

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