An Idea for Leftover Diamonds, Dollar General Magnet

I wanted to come up with an idea of something to do with leftover diamonds from diamond paintings.

I found the magnets in the craft department of my local Dollar General store. The magnets come in a pack of two from Bright and Bold called Assorted Magnets. They sold a few different designs, butterflies and flowers were available in my local store.

I started by painting the magnet with acrylic paint pens from Niutop, link: and once the paint was dry, I took a foam brush from the Dollar Tree link: and painted a thin coat of Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over glue link: Once the glue was dry, I went through my diamond storage and found colors that would work well with the paint beneath. Here’s a link to my diy diamond storage video link:

I completely covered the magnet with diamonds, working from the outside in. I wanted to have a row of blue diamonds to surround the image, so made sure if the image beneath was too close to the edge of the magnet for a row of blue diamonds, I painted the image further from the edge to allow for the row of blue diamonds. It’s important to use a few different color tones (different blues, greens, etc) as this adds to the overall look. Once the diamonds are set into the glue, the magnet is ready to be displayed, or, in my case, to use on a card.

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