I’ve Been Thinking….

I was talking to a woman about Covid, and how it’s almost as if time is standing still, since there are no movies or television shows, and we can’t go out for dinner, entertainment, etc. I starting to think about single people and how tough it must be to meet anyone new in the age of Covid. How would you even know what the other looks like since you’re both wearing masks…Or, if you’re meeting via Zoom, how can you really get to know someone when you can’t see them (from the shoulders down) or see where they live, smell them or even kiss them?

I know that people today love having instant access to everything, but maybe during Covid, singles would benefit from the ways we handled things when we were young and couldn’t be together. Today’s singles probably have never gotten a love letter, and don’t know the anticipation of the possibility of getting one in the mail. Maybe it’s time to bring them back? I know a lot of women my age that have kept all of their love letters (including me,) and I offer this idea to singles. Since you can’t really “meet” during Covid, why not get to know each other through letters? Rich has the letters his grandmother wrote her first husband during WWI and they were not just love letters, it was they way they stayed current with each other, and learned a lot about their spouses. You can say things in letters that you might not want to share in person. Letters can be as impersonal or as personal as you’d like, but they aren’t like texting. They are permanent and hand written, so the writer had to take the time to pour their thoughts onto paper. I can’t think of a better use of the time we’re trying to fill during Covid. Can you?

You don’t have to be single to write a letter..you can write to old friends, or family you’ve lost touch with. I wish letter writing wasn’t such a lost art, as letters can be a beautiful keepsake, and a way to say I’m sorry, when it’s too hard to say in person. Just because it’s handwritten doesn’t mean it’s written. You can print a letter, the reader won’t care…people want to connect with each other, and during Covid, there are a lot of people who are alone, and would love to get a letter from someone…and the best way to get a letter, is to first, send one yourself.

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