Labelling Mica Powders

I bought a set of 32 colors of Biutee Mica Powders on Amazon, Link: In order to be able to distinquish the colors in the bottles, I took Polaroid Round Adhesive labels I bought at the Dollar Tree and a 1/2″ circle punch and punched 32 circles.

Then put a circle on the top of each bottle and rubbed the mica powder into the label. To get the mica powder to stay put, you’ll need to either put Mod Podge, a spray adhesive, or inexpensive hair spray on the label. I also decanted Dollar Tree’s LA Color’s eye shadow that came in a pot, into another Dollar Tree container and put the entire Polaroid circle label on top, and rubbed the eye shadow into the label.

I’ll be doing a lot with mica powders in an upcoming video, and wanted to make sure you have time to buy your mica powders if you want to play along.

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