DIY Decorated Tic Tac Holder

I wanted to make a Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters that would be Covid friendly. I chose Tic Tic Gum because of the plastic packaging, and since I only get 9-10 kids, it wasn’t too difficult to make boxes for them. I figured if parents were concerned with the candy their kids got, they could use anti-bacterial wipes on the plastic box the Tic Tacs come in.

I used a Hobby Lobby paper pad called Trick or Treat that I bought last year.

Cut the paper to 9″ long by 1 7/8″ wide. Score it on the 9″ length (on the back of the paper) at: 1″, 1 1/4″, 4 1/8″, 4 3/4″, 7 5/8″, and 8″. I folded the middle two folds and then make sure the center is folded and the ends are even with each other, then put them into the paper punch…The paper punch I used is from Stampin’ Up and is still available. It’s called the Delightful Tag Topper punch, and here’s the link for it.

I used Tombow Mono Adhesive and glued from the top, down to the second score line to not only glue the two sides shut, but also to glue the paper to the lid of the Tic Tac box. I took 5″ of ribbon and looped it in half, pushing the loop through the hole in the top (created by the punch) and then with the loop on one side of the hole, and the two ends of ribbon on the other side, take the two ends and pull them through the loop of ribbon and pull tight. If the ribbon seems to slip out, add a dot of glue under the knot after pulling the ends, to ensure it stays put.

To embellish the boxes, I used mini Spellbinder dies from a kit of the month. I couldn’t find them on the Spellbinder site, sorry. There were four styles that came in two sizes, and I used the larger sized dies in all four shapes and chose whichever color looked best with the patterned paper beneath, and glued it to the front of the box. I die cut several Halloween inspired images and added foam squares beneath to adhere them to the box.

For the Christmas box, I used the same measurements and the same score marks. The difference was the top, which I had previously used the paper punch for. This time, I held the two ends so they were matching, and squeezed them so they wouldn’t move, and snipped an angle cut about 1/4″ from the top, diagonally on the side and did the same on the opposite end, creating a tag look to it. I used a 3/8″ hole punch in the center, to put the ribbon through. I should have used a smaller punch, as the hole was too large, in my opinion. I used a piece of Christmas patterned paper with light bulbs on it, cut out two of the light bulbs, one in red and the other green, and using foam squares, added the red one on a diagonal, and only added a foam square near the top of the green one, and laid the green one with the bottom on the red bulb, and wet glue adhering it there.

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