Making a Felt Covered Small Pumpkin

I wanted to make a pumpkin for my Thanksgiving decor, and because of covid, didn’t really decorate the table, but did finish the pumpkin in time for Thanksgiving, but just didn’t manage to get the video online in time…sorry.

You’ll need two sheets of 9 x 12″ felt that you find in any craft store or Walmart. Cut small, medium and large teardrop shapes from the felt. You’ll need about 250 total pieces for a small pumpkin. Start at the bottom of the pumpkin, making sure to allow the large pieces of felt to hang over the bottom (as I didn’t finish off the bottom with felt) and then overlap each piece with hot glue.

I put hot glue from the top to the bottom of every piece of felt above the bottom row. The bottom row needs to have the bottom half of each felt piece so it can move, as it looks better if it’s not glued down. Second row from the bottom, use large pieces of felt and lay your first piece so it overlaps two pieces on the bottom row…It should lay about half on the row beneath and half above the row beneath. Continue gluing down rows switching between the large and medium size pieces of felt. Once you get to the top, use small felt pieces.

You’ll need:

several hot glue sticks

a small pumpkin

two 9 x 12″ sheets of felt


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