Easy Decorated Bobby Pins, Great Gifts

I made this video three times and apparently, this video wasn’t willing to play with me. I made these bobby pins for our niece who is a hygenist who specializes in applying individual eyelashes on her clients. I thought she’d get a kick out of having a variety of bobby pins to wear over the holidays. Unfortunately, because of Covid, I am slow in getting this video uploaded.

I started with bobby pins you can get from Joanns..here’s a link to them. https://www.joann.com/hildie-jo-10-pk-metal-bobby-pins-silver/15988074.html

Nightmare before Christmas buttons link: https://www.joann.com/dress-it-up-embellishments-disney-the-nightmare-before-christmas/15449176.html

Snowflake buttons: https://www.joann.com/flair-originals-14-pk-snowflake-buttons/15243850.html When you use these buttons, they look better when you layer a smaller snowflake on top of a larger one so you can’t see the metal through the snowflake.

My mother’s old clip on earrings were easy to take apart. I simply bent the clip with jewelry pliers until it came off…and then I hot glued the earring to the bobby pin base. Make sure the flat part of the earring is glued to the base.

Christmas candy beads link from Michaels: https://www.michaels.com/candy-cane-glass-beads-16mm–by-bead-landing/10547838.html

Hot glue works well to adhere most of the things I used, but if your hot glue doesn’t hold them, I recommend you trying E6000 glue along with hot glue for a better hold.

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