Matte Laminating Pouch,, Plant Wrapper, Thinking Outside the Box

I bought my girlfriend a hyancinth and hated the wrapper for the plant and decided I could make a better one.

I laminated a napkin from the Christmas Tree Store in a matte laminating pouch link:

Separate the napkin layers so you only have the top layer and put one napkin face down in the laminating pouch and place two pieces of photocopier paper on top of the napkin and then lay another napkin face up then close the laminating pouch. If the first time you run this through the laminator doesn’t do a good job of laminating the napkins, run it through a second time. Then cut the napkins out of the laminating pouch.

I cut a circle with and EK Success Circle Cutter that was 7″ across for under the bottom of the pot, then ran tear tape around the outside edge of the circle. I set the pot in the middle of the circle and then cut snips from the outside of the circle to the bottom of the pot about an inch apart so I could easily wrap the bottom of the pot.

I measured the plant from the bottom to the top and cut a strip that height (4″) to wrap around the plant. I added tear tape to the back of the laminated napkin and then wrapped it around about 1/3 of the plant and cut the laminated napkin, then wrapped the leftover laminated napkin onto the next 1/3 and then took the second napkin and finished wrapping it.

I found a ribbon that looked nice with the napkin, and added tear tape to the top rim of the plant and laid the ribbon onto the tear tape and tied it in a bow, and called it done.

To straighten ribbon, I use a hair straightener that I bought at a garage sale specifically for straightening ribbon.

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