Making an Open Wreath Butterfly Card

Thanks to my friends for sending such lovely cards my way.

I saw Sam Calcott make an open wreath card on Mixed Up Crafts and thought it was such a simple, but unforgettable card, that I needed to make one for my girlfriend’s birthday.

I started with a piece of cardstock that measures 5 x 7″ and laid a piece of patterned paper that is 4 3/4″ by 6 3/4″ and glued them together with Bearly Art Glue/ I put the papers in the scoreboard on the 7″ length and scored it at 3 1/2″

I used the second and fourth largest oval dies in the set I own, and cut the center out of the folded card base with the smaller of the two dies and made sure it cut through the front and back of our folded base. In the spots it didn’t cut through on the back layer, I used scissors to cut it.

I took the original two dies I chose so I’d have a thick frame and cut them out of the same cardstock color as my card base by lining them up so they are the same width apart from each other, then I die cut the cardstock. You’ll need to cut these twice as you need two ovals. I used the center scrap from one of the ovals for the sentiment. I used old rub on sentiments from Stampin’ Up and punched out the sentiment with an old Stampin Up Decorative Label punch. I put Bearly Art Glue on half of one of the oval frames I die cut, and adhered it to the front of the card base making sure you can’t see the card outline. I laid a thin strip of acetate half way down the oval and adhered it to both sides of the oval with tear tape, as wet glue won’t hold acetate. Then I added wet glue around the other oval and adhered it to the back of the card. I laid the punched sentiment onto the acetate using tear tape to adhere it in place. I punched another piece of the same pink cardstock to adhere to the back of the acetate and added butterflies to the back of the card as well.

I bought two packs of butterflies from Dollar Tree. Took the fronts of the butterflies off their backing and used some of the backings by themselves on the card and used the fronts to hide the paper on the oval. I used almost all of the butterflies I had.

I used a wax seal from to seal the envelope…I colored the flower with a silver marker and used a black envelope that matched the card. The wax seal matched the card and I made the color by combining two different wax colors to come up with one that worked perfectly…

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