DIY Wink of Stella: Use What You Have

I have Wink of Stella pens, but wanted a bright red Christmas color and thought it would be fun to try to make our own with products we already have on hand.

First off, I bought a set of glitter markers from Amazon but could no longer find them there, but was able to find them on Aliexpress, and here’s a link to them.

Ways I tried to make my own Wink of Stella coloring..

1. Metallic markers scribbled onto a watercolor palette and mixed with a small amount of water. Link to the markers:

2. Stickles with a small amount of water. Lavender Stickles Link:

3. Ken Oliver Liquid Metals link:

4. Brutus Monroe Aqua Pigment in Marigold they no longer seem to offer Marigold, but I found a similar color called Gilded, link:

5. Nail pigment from Aliexpress, mixed with Gum Arabic link:

6. Mica Powder mixed with Gum Arabic link:

7. Metallic watercolors:

8. Liquitex Professional Iridescent Medium link:

To make a Wink of Stella Pen out of a waterbrush…using Liquitex Professional iridescent Medium, a few drops into a waterbrush that’s filled about 1/2 full with water and then add Stampin Up reinker in Real Red, 10 drops, put the top back on the water pen and shake. You’ll need to keep adding both reinker and the iridescent medium until you get the right shade of red and the right amount of shimmer.

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