Decorated Amaryllis Planter for the Holidays

I found an amaryllis bulb that was already sprouted at Walmart for under $6, and thought it would be fun to decorate the planter for my girlfriend for Thanksgiving. I added masking tape to the top, to help keep the dirt inside and to protect the bulb, but that didn’t work well and after I removed the masking tape, I unfortunately tore a lot of the label off the top. I’m not sure what else I could have done to protect the plant, as the leaves sprouting out of the top did not allow for me to take the label off. If I didn’t have the label to consider, I might have dumped the bulb and dirt out of the bucket and cleaning the inside of the bucket before attempting this.

First, I painted the bucket with old Dylusions white paint that they now have repackaged link: and a sponge dauber. I used a heat tool to dry the paint and then used Artminds Decoupage matte finish (similar to Mod Podge) sold at Michaels link: below the tissue and over the tissue to seal it.

I used tissue paper that I found at the Dollar Tree and using my Fiskars guillotine paper trimmer (link: I cut strips from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ wide. I have to say, the strips that were a little wider gave me more options for lining up the Christmas trees with the tissue I already laid on the planter (bucket). I tried a very wide strip (3″ wide) and because of the tree pattern and the top of the bucket being so much larger than the bottom, the really wide strip made the pattern angle too much, so I tore it back off and went back to the thinner strips.

When you use a tissue that has a design, you need to overlap the strips to make sure the pattern looks good on the bucket. I forgot to put the camera on after the strips were dry and I wanted to add more sheen, so took gold mica powder (LA Colors gold eyeshadow is what I used from Dollar Tree) and a spray sealant to make sure the mica powder stuck to the bucket. The sealant I also found at the Dollar Tree link:

I decided it would look nicer if I added some gold rhinestone trim that I’d bought at the Dollar Tree a few years ago to the top of the bucket, so I took my Gorilla Glue hot glue gun and glued the trim to the top. I wanted more embellishment, so took a gold plastic poinsettia and glued it over the trim. Then found some fabric leaves and glued them and a couple of swirls from a floral pick around the poinsettia. It isn’t the greatest project, but in the end, I was happy with the results.

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