Carpet Tape Glitter Card..Love the Hardware Store for Crafty Tools!

Although you normally use metal stencils for this technique, I did try this with a plastic stencil and Dollar Tree soap, and got good’s the video if you want to check it out.

As always, I look for ways to do a technique for less money and this video is no exception. This is an older, tried and true technique, usually done with double sided (expensive) craft tape. I thought I’d show you how to make it for less, using double sided carpet tape link: Again, if you want to use your plastic stencil and regular soap, watch the video I mention above first, so you don’t damage your stencil.

To make this card, I cut a piece of white cardstock to the size of my Dreamweaver metal poinsettia stencil link: (that’s retired) then covered the cardstock with the carpet tape from above. You’ll want to use a bath soap to rub the back of the metal (or plastic) stencil. The soap makes it so the carpet tape will be able to be released from the back of the stencil, as without the soap, trying to remove the stencil from this tape is almost impossible to do easily. I bought some Hawaiian soap at a craft show specifically sold to use on metal stencils, so used that on this stencil, but again, if you watch the video I mention at the top, you’ll find the other soaps I tried that worked perfectly for this technique. After you’ve covered the back of the stencil with bar soap (you can see the soap when you look at the stencil), lay it directly onto the cardstock, (after removing the backing paper off the carpet tape).. making sure the stencil is sitting squarely on the cardstock and no edges are showing.

Then, making sure the stencil is well adhered to the tape, decide the colors of glitter you want to use. I started in the center with the gold glitter from a set of 54 from Arteza link: that I like very much. I used two red colors and a green for the leaves, and once the flower was completely filled in with glitter, I took the backing paper I’d removed from my carpet tape, and gently rubbed all of the glitter to ensure it was well adhered, then gently removed the stencil. I then took a clear glitter and added it to the rest of the paper surrounding the poinsettia, then again, rubbed it with backing paper to make sure it wasn’t going to fall off. I took an A2 sized white card base (8 1/2 ” x 5 1/2″ scored on the 8 1/2″ side at 4 1/4″) and added a patterned piece of Christmas cardstock from Craft Perfect Santa’s Workshop link: that was slightly shorter, added Wink of Stella clear ink to the images on the green paper, then put foam tape (I’d give you a link to it, but hate this foam tape so don’t want you to waste your money on it) and put several rows on the back of the poinsettia image.

I laid the poinsettia to the top right of my card base, then found an old punch that I don’t know the name of, and punched white cardstock with it, then stamped in black ink the sentiment “Wishing you Joy” from a Yulekito stamp set link: .

I stamped “with love at Christmas” on the inside of the card in the same black ink, then took some red half-pearls that were all attached in a row, cut them apart, and added four to the corners of the sentiment on the front of the card, and called it a day.

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