DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

I saw the LOVE sign at my local Dollar Tree last week and thought it would make an adorable wreath…so here it is:


Foam wreath link:

Red ribbon–I used velvet, but any red ribbon works. Dollar Tree has grosgrain ribbon in red that would work well…you’ll need at least 1″ wide ribbon.. their grosgrain is 1 1/2″ Link:

Red Metallic mesh:

I couldn’t find the LOVE sign on the Dollar Tree site, but I just bought it last week so my store still had some…hope you can find ones you like. Since it’s so close to Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider making either a St Patrick’s Day or Easter wreath similar to this one…here’s a sign for Easter I found at Dollar Tree link:

Hot glue gun: Mine is a mini Gorilla glue gun, it’s multi-temp, and you need to buy multi-temp mini glue sticks, and for this project, I put the gun on low, as the foam can melt with super hot glue. link:

One sheet gold metallic glitter card stock (optional) (I couldn’t find any single sheets of gold glitter cardstock online, so this was the cheapest I found.)

Tear tape:

You’ll need an 6-8″ piece of ribbon to use as a hanger for the wreath, and it just needs to match in some way.

Then you’ll need a couple of straight pins to push the ribbon into the back of the wreath.

To begin: take your wreath form and cut the red ribbon to strips that are 5 1/4 to 5 1/2″ long and mine was 1 1/2′ wide. Start your first strip on the back of the wreath and wrap it around tightly, making sure there are no waffles or bumps in the ribbon making sure the strip ends on the back and you don’t hot glue any ribbon to the front.

I used multi glue temp glue sticks and glue gun, and put mine on the low setting so the glue doesn’t melt the foam wreath. .Overlap each ribbon strip and make sure the front looks good, as it doesn’t matter if the back looks yucky.

Once you’ve covered the wreath with red ribbon, use your heat tool or a hair drier to melt any hot glue that you can see on the front of the wreath, as it will show through the mesh and you don’t want that.

Then cut the mesh into strips, 1 1/2-2″ wide and maybe 2 feet long, and starting on the back of the wreath, lay some hot glue and put the end of the mesh in the glue and then start wrapping the mesh around the wreath, making sure it’s flat and always overlaps mesh, so you don’t have any red ribbon showing with no mesh on it. Wrap the entire wreath, making sure that you always start and stop on the back of the wreath, so there’s no hot glue showing on the wreath front.

I ripped apart the Dollar Tree sign , removing the ribbon that connected it.. I laid them up against the wreath and decided they needed to be backed with another color, so took a piece of gold glitter cardstock and traced the letters on the back of the cardstock. The letter “E” needs to be placed backwards when you’re tracing it, as it will not face the right way when you flip over the paper…fyi. I left a small border between each letter so when I cut the outlined shapes, I cut about 1/8″ larger so I had a border for each letter. I tried just hot gluing the glitter cardstock to the back of the letters, but it didn’t hold, so I used tear tape under each letter and hot glue, and the combination of both finally held the letters to their backing.

Make a hanger out of 1/4″ wide matching ribbon folded in half w/ a knot tied near the bottom Add two straight pins and push them through the ribbon right below the knot, and pushed them into the back of the wreath (this can go anywhere on your wreath at this point) and then added hot glue under the knot and ribbon to really make sure it held. Once your hanger is in place, make sure that spot is the very top center of your wreath before adhering any letters so the wreath looks straight once put together.

I placed the letters around the wreath form to decide where I wanted them, and once I was happy with them, I took them off and glued one on at a time. I found that by gluing down the “O” first, that I could lay the “L” on the “O” for part of the “L”, and the rest of the “L” was not touching the wreath, so I added some foam tape under the “L” where it wasn’t touching the wreath and added hot glue to the foam tape and the wreath so it wouldn’t move. When I adhered the “V”, part of it wasn’t attached to anything, so I added foam tape under it as well, then added the “E” and the hearts above the “E”. I turned the wreath over and hot glued the letters anywhere they seemed loose.

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