Glue Topper and Glue Bottle Storage Solution

I always have issues with my glue tips getting clogged and not being able to keep the glue running, so I decided to make a video with my latest trials…

I bought the Stopper Topper to keep my Bearly Art Glue black tip stopped…here’s a link to the store where I bought it on Etsy.

I was in my local Dollar Tree and found this adorable bird planter in the plant section where you’d find plastic succulents and I thought it would be perfect for holding my Tombow Mono Aqua Glue bottle. There must be a total of eight options, but my store only had the bird and the walrus…link: and I really liked the sloth, but couldn’t find it in my store.

You’ll need a lot of hot glue sticks (at least 4 or 5) and some E6000 glue as hot glue will sometimes release off of glass or ceramic if it goes from warm to cold and so the E6000 coating the bottom inside of the planter, ensures that the hot glue and the E6000 together will hold on the ceramic. I added a lot of hot glue in the inside center of the planter and then set the lid of the glue bottle well submerged in hot glue…you’d want to cover about half of the lid so once the glue sets, it will hold the glue bottle and will allow you to unscrew the bottle and the lid will always stay inside the planter, and this ensures the glue is always ready to be used and you don’t have to shake it a lot to get the glue to come out of the bottle…

If you get hot glue on the outside of the planter, use your heat tool and re heat the hot glue and then wipe it off with a cloth.

I’ll let you know if the Stopper Topper works for the Bearly Art Glue. I did try the Standify on Amazon after contacting the owners of Bearly Art Glue and asking for a stopper for the black tip. I didn’t love the Standify as you are supposed to keep the open tip of the glue bottle in the foam at the base of the Standify and sometimes I wouldn’t get the tip to sit directly onto the foam and glue would seep out and I hated that. Plus the Standify always seemed to be in my way and I just didn’t like it.

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