Review of BLEDS Cordless Hot Glue Gun

I was sent the BLEDS cordless hot glue gun to review. Here’s the link on Amazon if you are interested I am not paid to give my opinion nor do I have any affiliations with this or any company. I was only given the glue gun to review.

I started the review by charging the glue gun over night. I don’t know exactly how long it took to charge, but from other reviews, people said it took around 3 hours. Once it was charged, I unplugged the cord and turned the glue gun “on.” I started a timer, and it took a little over 7 minutes to get hot, and remained hot over 30 minutes, and would have worked longer, but I ran out of things to use it on.

I covered a Dollar Tree square glass jar with carrots, gluing the carrots next to each other…you’ll need between 16-20 carrots if you try this yourself.

Next, I made glue dots by putting the tip of the glue close to a Dollar Tree cutting mat and pushing out a small amount of hot glue, then swirling the tip to stop the glue and so it doesn’t produce a lot of glue strings. If you do get glue strings, I’d normally tell you to use your heat gun and waft over the surface, as that will melt the strings, but with small dots like these, it might end up melting the dot. Instead I recommend pulling or cutting the strings to remove them. One the glue dots are hard, take a paint brush and dip into the lid of mica powder, then brush over the dots until they are the color you want them to be. I used mica powder from the Hippie Crafter link: that produces really vibrant results.

Next, I took Versamark Ink and covered a stamp from with ink to ensure it wouldn’t adhere permanently to the hot glue. I put a large dollop of glue on the cutting mat and then gently sat the stamp into the center of the glue. I also used the colored glittery glue sticks that came with the glue gun and stamped those with Versamark ink and the Craspire wax seal stamps. I used a metallic marker to color the clear ones and used mica powder to color the rest.

I like this glue gun. At first I was worried that it was light weight and possibly “flimsy,” but it is not. It worked like a champ and stayed hot the entire time I used it. I like that it comes with free glue sticks and colored glittery glue sticks as well. The only small issue I had is that it took over 7 minutes to get hot and I would worry about forgetting to turn it off when I’m done using it, as it will continue to be hot unless you turn it off (since there’s no plug to unplug, this is your only way to make sure you don’t forget and possibly burn something.)

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