Great Nephew Finn’s Lighted Door Wreath

I wanted to make a wreath for our new great nephew’s bedroom door. The theme of his room is galaxy, and it was so much fun finding space themed items.

Products used:

Hot glue gun:

Dollar Tree wreath form:

Astronaut (for center of wreath) link:

Space themed cupcake toppers (glued around outside edge of wreath):

Battery operated light string link:

More Space Themed Cupcake Toppers:

a popsicle stick

Scrabble Letters to spell name: I used an old Scrabble game for my letters, but if you don’t have an old game, here’s a link to places you can buy them.

Shooting star navy blue fabric with gold stars 1/2 yard (I bought it at Joanns, but couldn’t find the same pattern in their online store. This is the closest I could find)

Arteza rotary trimmer–out of stock…go to a fabric store and ask which rotary trimmer they recommend or try this one from Dollar Tree

Cutting mat for rotary trimmer (to save money if you’re only using it for this project, buy cutting mats from Dollar Tree:

I cut the fabric with the rotary trimmer in widths of 1″ to 1 1/2″ and found the 1″ width worked best. After they were cut, I hot glued the fabric to the wreath form, making sure to add hot glue to the wreath form to start and laying the fabric onto the hot glue on an angle. Whichever side you start your gluing is what I call the “inside”, and it’s where your going to make sure you glue on this side only, so your other side is clean and flat (no glue bumps.)

Once the wreath is covered with fabric, I used a craft knife to jab a hole in the inside of the wreath….near the top so I have room for the astronaut at the bottom. I took a popsicle stick and trimmed one side to a point and pushed the stick into the hole I made in the inside of the wreath. I added hot glue to the end of the stick to make sure it stays inside the wreath and waited for it to dry. Once it was dry, I glued Scrabble letters that spelled Finn onto the popsicle stick and had Rich cut off the excess popsicle stick before I glued down the “F” so there was no stick showing. I bought astronaut cake toppers and chose the standing astronaut to glue into the center bottom of the wreath. They’re really lightweight, so no need for more than hot glue to hold it in place.

I took the cupcake toppers I bought and removed the sticks from them and layers some with foam tape in between to give them some dimension then laid them around the wreath until I was happy with the way it looked, then hot glued them in place. I wrapped the light string around the wreath and FINN and then took a small piece of the same fabric I covered the wreath with, and wrapped it around the battery pack, then hot glued the fabric to the back of the wreath. I wanted to make sure you could pull out the battery pack if necessary, so basically made a loop out of the fabric, large enough to hold the battery pack and hot glued it together at the top then hot glued the fabric loop to the back of the wreath behind the word Finn.

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