Boy Monster Birthday Gift Bag DIY

I made this gift bag for our great nephew Finn, and wanted to have a pocket to hold his card.

I went online and googled “free monster black and white printable” and found this image. I enlarged the image when using my printer and once it got to the size I liked, I printed it on 110 lb cardstock….then colored it with alcohol markers and cut it out with my Scan N Cut.

Bottom of Bag: 12 x 6″ score on the 6″ length at 1″ and 5″. Fold the sides up and burnish. This paper is from American Crafts on Amazon link:

Front and back of bag: papers came from Joanns Park Lane Floral Spice. 2 pieces of 12 x 12″ for front and back …For the back, I turned the paper so the stripes are now facing up and down, score at 3″ so the bag can lay flat. If you don’t care if it folds flat, you don’t need to make this score.

Sides: 2 sheets of 10″ x 6″ on the 6″ length of both, score them at 1″ and 5″ then turn to the 10″ length and score at 1″ and 3″ (I scored at 1″ then folded it up and scored at 2″ which is ultimately the same as scoring at 1 and 3″ without the fold, then put it on the 6″ side again with your scores at the bottom and score at 3″ down to the first score that should be 3″ from the bottom. Then you’ll want to score on an angle using a ruler from the top of the rectangular box near the bottom on an angle from the top center to the bottom left corner, then from the top center to the bottom right of the box. Fold your 6″ scores toward the white back of the paper then fold in the center fold and your angle scores. Angle cut out the small bottom corner boxes on the 1 and 5″ scores.

Pocket: 9 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ score on the 9 1/2″ length at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4″ on both ends and on the 6 1/2″ length score at 1″…Fold the 3/4″ score toward the white back, then the 1/2″ score toward the front, then 1/4″ toward the back and use your bone folder to make sure the scores are really flat. On the 1″ score cut out the bottom boxes on both corners.

Lid for pocket: 3 1/2″ x 8″ score on the 3 1/2″ length at 1″. I round the two corners that are the furthest from the 1″ score.Cut a small angle cut from the 1″ score to the edges of the 1″ on an angle. Adhere the pocket to the front of the bag (the one without the 3″ score) before putting the bag together, otherwise it will be too tricky to attach it. Take the pocket and put tear tape on the patterned piece that is laying flat that’s up to the 1/2″ score. Add glue to the patterned bottom fold for the pocket and fold it up then holding the sides and bottom, place it where you want on the bag. Glue the monster to the pocket at this point. (I couldn’t get my card to fit in the pocket with the lid to the pocket, but if you want to have your lid to work, put glue on the patterned side up to the 1″ score and place the 1″ scored area inside the pocket and rub it to keep it in place. Use Velcro closures to hold it closed.

To put the bag together, take the bottom of the bag and the sides and put glue on the bottom flap of the sides on the patterned side and lay the side down so the 10″ length is laying face down with its score lines lining up with the scores on the bottom then glue them the same with the other side. Put glue on the front scored area of the bottom of your bag and attach the front of your bag to it (the piece without a 3″ score). Then do the same with the back. Once you’ve got the front and back attached to the bottom of the bag, glue the sides to the front and back of the bag.

Handles: four strips of 3/4″ x 12″ strips of plain paper, adhere them together by putting glue or tear tape on 1/2″ of one strip and laying it on the other strip to make a 23″ handle…you’ll need two of these. Hold the ends of one piece so it forms a half circle and glue in place. I glued my handles 2″ from each edge of the bag and down about 2″ (I used a line on my bag to decide where I wanted the handles to lay) I added a zig zag die cut to the bottoms so they looked more decorative. Also added the zig zag strip to the top of the pocket.


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