I spent all day finishing the album and making the wedding card.  After the recipe box I made for my niece, I’m a little skittish about whether or not the bride will enjoy the album.  She’s pretty close to my age group, so even if she doesn’t like it, I’m sure she’ll make sure I think she does.

This marriage has been a long time in the making.  They met as kids and worked on each other’s farms and were family  friends.  The bride always had a crush on the groom, (and vice versa) but  didn’t want to be a farm wife, she wanted to see the world.  After living a very full and interesting life, her marriage had ended and she was home for her high school class reunion.  She saw the groom and  started talking through Facebook and eventually started dating long distance between Florida and Pennsylvania which lead to her relocating back to Pennsylvania and the life of a farm wife.

They are so sweet together, he’s tall and sturdy and she’s very petite.  It’s so wonderful to see a couple who have virtually known each other all of their lives finally find true love,  and it’s written clearly on both of their faces.

Today was their wedding which was on a hilltop on their farm.  We were lucky to be invited to the reception and I’ve never seen the groom smile so much or so big.  He was so cute.  The bride glowed, especially when she was looking at her groom.  It’s a wonderful thing to find your soul mate when you are sixty years old.  Love is the best of things at any age, but somehow I think you appreciate it so much more when you’ve lived a while.  So congratulations Lynne and Bob, we are so happy for you both.  It only gets better from here.

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