I need to make a video for my friends and family as they don’t know how to subscribe or how to leave comments.  I’m not sure how I figured both out for myself, usually I ask Rich for help with things I’ve never tried.  I know I just winged it and left the first comment for my favorite crafter, Lindsay.  I had a heck of a time trying to leave comments and then one day it just worked.  I’m not sure if I wasn’t signed in or what I did wrong before, but all of a sudden, paydirt!

Friends and family leave a lot of thumbs up in Facebook, but I’m pretty sure it’s because they don’t know how to leave them in YouTube.  My sister says signing in and leaving comments work differently when you are using different types of devices.  That could hamper my tutorial as I only use a laptop.  No cellphone, I Phone, tablet, just a laptop.  I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do once they eliminate laptops.

I do need to get serious about setting up Instagram because A C Moore want to feature my channel on their social media that includes Instagram.  I’m thrilled and hope that it actually happens, but need to do a few things first.  Like set up Instagram and get my photos loaded to it as well as make a bio for it.  It’s so exciting and it’s something that means a lot to me because it will allow people with physical limitations to have access to my channel.  I’m thrilled to be considered!

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