So the day started out very hopeful, full of organization with my little chair, painter’s tape, stencil, paints, you name it.  I taped the stencil onto the top portion of the very tiny chair and thought, this shouldn’t be too tough.  I had the right tools, the right attitude and the stencil was tiny, maybe six inches of daisies.  Six inches of pure unadulterated pain is what it was.  I couldn’t do one thing right.  The daisies looked like a five year old had stenciled them and even though I taped the stencil in place, it looked like crap.  Crappy, crappy, crappy.  I was almost crying by the time I threw in the towel on the project from hell.  I have no idea how a stenciling project could have turned into a paint splatter problem, but I had paint from my chin to my elbows to my wrists and of course, covering my hands.  They were actually raw by the time I got the paint off of them.

I felt like a failure and it brought back the memory of my one other stenciling from the 1980’s when I decided I could stencil my mailbox.  Back in those days people stenciled walls, doorways, mailboxes, you name it.  I thought “how hard could it be?”  The answer is clear.  Stenciling is hard to do and do well.  I even did the stenciling with a stencil brush this time and I should have just free-handed the daisies as I think I could have done a much better job.  I was so embarrassed by the mess, I just took a towel and wiped as much of the paint off as I possibly could.  Almost all of it.  The chair is back to being blue and I’m over stenciling.  My new plan is to take paint markers and paint the image in and make it look like whatever kind of flower I can muster.  I may even try to use some of my stamps and some Staz On and ink the stupid chair.  I’m so downtrodden over this project, I’d like to burn the stupid thing.  The worst part is I think my girlfriend was relieved to see the chair go back into my car (and she never really saw the big mess I made on it.)  I hate to admit defeat, but this chair has me ready to scream “Uncle.”  What the heck makes people do that?  And who came up with it anyway?  I’m just too tired to find out.  Maybe I’ll be inclined to check into it tomorrow.  For now I’m going to bed and hoping I forget all about the stenciling debacle and that some day I produce a chair that’s not a total embarrassment.  Until then, I’m hoping I develop amnesia about the whole day and never mention it again.  Sometimes crafting can really stink.  Today was one of those days.  Uncle!


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