Garage sales today were so much fun.  I found some great things to make unique small wreaths with and have been thinking about how much fun it would be to make little wreaths with small pine cones or berries or buttons on them.  It’s something that’s been really brewing in my brain.

I also started working on a small chair that I bought a huge mum to set inside the seat.  The seat was wicker that was woven and coming apart, so I cut it off and sanded the entire chair.  It took forever to get it semi-ok, and I’m not totally thrilled with it but I spray painted it a sea-blue color and then tomorrow my goal is to stencil the top of it and put the mum inside and bada-bing, instant cute chair/plant stand.  (Or ugly total failure.)

I’m not sure about my stenciling skills as I haven’t tried stenciling on wood since the 1980’s, and that was a total complete 100% horrible failure.  I’m pretty worried about it especially when I might have to do the stenciling at my girlfriend’s home if I run out of time waiting for the paint to dry.  So far the paint is just tacky and I know I won’t be able to stencil over it so I guess, tomorrow is another day.  I’m still very worried, but am keeping an open mind about it.  This has disaster written all over it.


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