We started uploading the videos that we made with our great nieces and nephew while on vacation in Washington D.C.  They are fifteen and seventeen and are so much fun and are very good friends as cousins.  The first video features our nephew, Logan, who is 15 and his cousin, Erika, who is also 15.  They attend the same school and their lockers are in alphabetical order, so they are next to each other.  It’s great to have family that are also good friends and I think it comes across clearly in the video.  Logan is a real character and Erika seemed like she had been making videos forever and was so comfortable in front of the camera.  She and I made one more video and Logan’s sister made her own video which will probably be the next video to go live.  It was a lot of fun being behind the camera with them, as they came up with their projects and I helped round up the supplies and they took it from there.   I wish we lived closer so we could spend more time together as they made me feel so comfortable spending time with them.  Oh, and I’m going to be the bride-of-honor (I made my own title) in each of the girls’ weddings, but only if I can wear a purple sparkly tutu.   I thought it was the perfect touch for an almost 60 year old woman, and of course it made them laugh and that was worth everything.


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