Adorable Mini Note Pad w/ Folder, Pen, Post it Notes and Paper Clips

I wanted to make a mini pad cover that was multi-purpose so started with Dollar Tree lined paper pads that come in a five pack and are lined and are not post it note pads.  I took the top two pads and separated them from the rest (keeping the cardboard backing) and measured them.  Mine were  7 3/4″ x 5 3/8″ high.  Score at 3 5/8 and 4 1/8″ on the 7 3/4″ length.   Make sure you measure your paper pads though because the Dollar Tree pads are not all the same size.  I covered the back of my paper with tear tape including inside the score marks.
I made an additional piece that was the exact size of the left side to the score mark and tear taped it down.  My measurements were 3 5/8″ wide by 5 3/8″ high.  Then I made the pocket and it needs to be 4 1/8″ x 5 5/8″ high.  I scored 1/2″ on the 4 1/8″ length and 1/4″ on the 5 5/8″ across the bottom.  I put score tape on the back of the scored areas but made sure the sticky part wasn’t close to the edges.  You’ll need to cut a diagonal on the paper so it becomes a folder and trim on an angle and snip off the excess at the top and the little spot where the two score meet.  I made another layer of paper the is the same size as my original outside layer but trimmed about 1/8″ off the sides and bottom so it doesn’t stick outside the original paper. This piece needs to go in pattern side down but don’t put score tape on the left side. I put score tape on the back right side and the middle between the scores and this is when you will put your pen holder in place before you lay this layer down..  I cut a piece of thicker cardstock that I used for the outside and made it about 3 1/2″ long and 1″ tall and folded it around a pen and then put tear tape inside the folded paper keeping it away from the pen.  I took the backing off and lined the two sides of paper up and squeezed them together, with the pen still inside so the pen shape isn’t lost.   Then I put tear tape on both sides of the length of paper and took the backing off and laid the pen outside the back cover but as close to the cover as possible so that it won’t fall out but leaving room for the pen on the outside of the paper and then laid it down and pressed it into the back.  Now you can lay the paper down that you cut just a little smaller  than the original paper.  I then cut a piece of pink sparkly paper and cut it so it was the same size as the left side of the layer I just put in and added 1/2″ to the right side and scored on the right side at 1/2″ and put tear tape on the score part and the back of the rest of it and then laid it on the left side of the paper we just laid so you aren’t looking at the back of a piece of paper.  I then put tear tape on the back of the tablet and laid it on the right side of this section.  I put two mini post it note pads on the left side of this section and took some thin washi tape that matched my project and using about 1 1/2″ threaded it through the top of a paper clip and squeezed it together and then trimmed the top on an angle.  My outside paper started to crack from all of the folding I had done with it, so I surrounded my left edges with washi (front and back) for a more stable look.  I also thought it looked cute.  I took a scallop circle punch that was 1 3/4″ and punched out a gold glittery piece of cardstock and then took a pink bottle top from my stash and the plastic piece that will go inside it .  I put a “B” from my stash inside the plastic dome and then added some floral paper behind that with tape runner and pushed it onto the bottle top using wet glue to hold it in place.  I also added wet glue to the back of the bottle top to hold it on the glittery paper.
Here is the information on the tear tape available on ebay.  If you type in rhis item number in the search bar, you should find it.  Right now he is selling it for $1.39 for 5 rolls that are about 1/4″ wide and 18 meters long.  I thought it was a great deal and wanted to share it with you.  The seller’s id is wishmart 2014.  I hope that helped.
I’m sorry this project is a little confusing, and here are some things you can do to make it easier.  If you used double sided paper, you wouldn’t have had to line anything and I couldn’t give you exact measurements at some points because the Dollar Tree note pads are not consistent in size so you’ll need to make your measurements yourself.  I would be careful where you put tear tape as sometimes you only need it on the center between the scores and other times you need it all over.  Make sure you put your pen in when I tell you to and not when I did.


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