I went to A C Moore today and bought some watercolor brushes.  I contacted Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter, and asked her what brushes she recommended for someone who really wants to learn to watercolor, and she said I should buy the Royal and Langnickel Aqualon brushes.  She gave me the numbers of a few round brushes I should buy, as well as a liner and a wash brush.  I’m so excited because I want to learn how to watercolor, but I’m not finding that I have the right brushes for the job.  Now I have them and I am thrilled to give them a try.

We also finally uploaded the last of the craft videos we made with our great nieces and nephew.  They were so much fun to work with and made my job so much easier as they came up with their own projects and ran with them.

I went to a garage sale and found some cool fruits and pinecones to work on redecorating a wreath and will be making that video in the next day or so.  I’m also going to put the finishing touches on my $10 dresser to finally get my craft room organized.  I say that, but you know I’ll just buy more craft things and need more space to hold it, so that should just be a given.  I do feel a lot more organized than I was, but I’ve run out of old empty CD cases so won’t be able to convert any more of my stamp sets to them.  I need to finish that project to get my room completely organized.  I think I’m going to talk to our local thrift stores and ask them if they get any donations of empty cd cases and if they do, could I buy them from them in bulk.  I should buy another hundred of them to ensure that I get everything converted over.  I’m thinking of converting all of my red rubber stamps as well.  I think it would really keep me organized and take up less space than the binder system does.  I’m not doing well with the binder system.  It’s too bulky and I forget what stamp sets I own.  I need to have one system that works for everything and I really like the cd cases.  It’s just a matter of finding enough of them and taking the time to convert them.  I’ve got almost all of my acrylic stamps done and then it’s just a matter of converting all of the red rubber stamps and then voila, a stamp storage system that works for me! YAY!


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