Recycle #6 Plastic into Art or Jewelry, DIY Shrinky Dinks

Our great niece Erika is a really talented artist.  She took #6 plastic from a cookie container you’d get at your local grocery store bakery and laid the plastic over the image she wanted to shrink.  She used a black Sharpie to trace the image, then used a bunch of other colors to fill them in. She then cut the image out of the plastic with Tim Holtz scissors.  A hole needs to be made in the plastic where you will hang a loop for jewelry from it.  The hole needs to start out bigger as it will shrink 3 times smaller as well. You can hang these from your backpack or make them into earrings or other jewelry.

My favorite was her map of the United States that she drew and then put a heart where Virginia would be on the map.  We thought it was big enough, but once it shrunk, it was hard to see the heart.  The images shrink to three times smaller than  originally.  You can see the original and the shrunken image in the first photo of the circle on the bottom.  Left side is before and the right side is after.  Once you are done decorating your image, you preheat your toaster oven to 325 degrees and using some wax paper or parchment paper, line a cookie sheet or the tray to the toaster oven, then lay your images on it.  Put them into the oven and watch them the entire time as they are done within 2-3 minutes of baking.  They will curl up then flatten again and once flat, take them out.  Let them cool and they are ready to go.  This is a great project for even younger children as the adults can punch the holes and handle the oven part.  Find an image in a coloring book or on a map (like the United States), or one from the internet.  Lay the plastic over the image and using the black Sharpie, trace the image.  Then color it in.   We really had a great time making these and recommend this project highly as it is a really inexpensive one and something that kids can really use to make their backpacks their own or make their own jewelry.


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