9/12/2016 MISTI 3 Day Sale

I know a lot of you have been considering purchasing the MISTI.  I’ve never seen it on sale before, and for only three days the nice people at Splitcoast Stampers are teaming with My Sweet Petunia, the maker of the MISTI, to offer 15% off any model of the MISTI.  So if you don’t have one and want to buy one, here’s a great opportunity.  Please remember, the sale only lasts three days from 9/12 to 9/15/2016.

I have the standard size MISTI and think it is the perfect size for the card maker who makes both 5×7 and A2 size cards.  There is a larger version for scrapbook makers and one that is a mini for only A2 size cards.  The decision is up to you as to the size you think will work best for you.

I will give you this recommendation though.  If you have any issues with your hands, please buy six magnets, as you may lose one and some acrylic stamps really stick to your project thereby shifting it when you open the MISTI.  They are inexpensive but worth every penny if they keep your paper where you put it.

Here is the link to My Sweet Petunia.  http://www.mysweetpetunia.com/Default.asp

The promotional code is SCS KIND

They are also donating 5% of the proceeds to a campaign called KIND which is an anti-bullying campaign and now that school is back in session, this will help put more focus around anti-bullying.

I wanted to make sure you know about this offer and hope you take advantage of it.  I am not affiliated with Splitcoast Stampers or My Sweet Petunia and make no monies from this sale, but love my MISTI and wanted to be sure you knew about the sale.




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