I had put an ad in Splitcoast Stampers for some paper I was looking for called “Cherry on Top.”  A lady named Pam responded and said she had the paper pack and was willing to send it to me at no charge.  I thought that it was such a generous offer and really appreciated the gesture.  So today I decided to put her paper to work and make a thank you card for Pam.  Of course now I can’t find her address and will need to contact her for it (I hate it when I do things like that), but at least I will be able to thank her for her sweet and generous gesture.

I decided to make a card with hedgehogs and framed them with a layer of paper above them.  I had to cut the frame and as you can imagine, it didn’t go exactly as planned.  In the end I realized I should have just used my paper trimmer, but that was after I’d already made a plan using a cutting mat and my X-acto knife.  I think it turned out fine but had so many setbacks that I considered throwing in the towel on several of occasions.  Sometimes you just need to decide if a project is worth the frustration or not.  Apparently, this one was worth the frustration, because I persevered.  I’m always glad when the plan is finally finished and looks good enough to put on video.  That’s how I determine whether or not I am happy with something.  If I decide to put it on YouTube, it has to pass the Sandy test or the whole thing is scrapped.  The beauty of the Sandy test is that you never know about my failures.  A lucky break for all of us.


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