I was inspired today to make a couple of Halloween videos.  I’d used a napkin that I really liked and put Mod Podge on it so it would have a tougher consistency.  The problem was I didn’t think that the other times I had done it, I’d used a silicone mat and this time I used a plastic placemat to put the Mod Podged napkin on to dry.  Let’s just say it was a poor choice for removal of the napkin.  Once it dried, it was almost impossible to remove but eventually it came off, in pieces.  One section was mostly complete so I used it on the card I was making.  I wasn’t sure if my idea would work, but I had a large cemetery stamp and thought I could stamp it in black under the napkin and then glue the napkin to it so you could really see the cemetery in the background.  It wasn’t a great plan but worked well enough to make the video of it.

I also wanted to make a tag for on a treat back but only had a black treat bag that I had to remove an embellishment from that took the black off and left a big white line.  I decided to ink it with black ink to cover the white and thought it would dry. After forty minutes, it still wasn’t dry but of course, I didn’t really check it, so tried to apply my cute tag and ended up getting black on it.  These are the days of my life.  How did that saying go? Something like “As sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.”  My mother loved that show, (Days of our Lives), and I guess the saying must have just stuck in my brain.  I think my version if more like “As mistakes on each craft, these are the days of my life.”  Is that a fair evaluation of my crafting?  I’d have to say it is.  I do appreciate that other crafters eliminate their mistakes but I’m doing my craft channel for people with physical limitations and they probably make the same mistakes as this physically limited individual.  I might make more, and I’m not ashamed, just more irritated with myself with some of them, because they are completely avoidable.  I could have  1.  Use a Sharpie instead  2.  Checked to see if the ink was dry  3.  Used ribbon over the spot instead   4.  Used my heat tool on it.  In retrospect, I’m quite the MaGyver crafter, but in the moment, I just fly by the seat of my pants.  Maybe it would be better if I turned off the camera, thought through the problem, came up with a solution and then turned the camera back on.  Note to self, plan to do it differently next time I make a mistake.  I just might not make as many mistakes on camera, but don’t count on it.


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